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  • I have to start off with a big thank you to Vlad. As a mother of two, I wanted to get fit again but had no idea how to get started. I used to run at school athletics carnivals but that was it. Vlad said I have to be persistent and consistent in order to run faster and longer.

    I started running with RunLab around 3 years ago before it got really BIG. My first session was 1k efforts and I did 4 out of 6 before giving up on the last one … it always surprised me how athletes could run so fast.

    I did my first 10k race in 55 mins and this year finally did a sub 45. In the past, I was not able to put few kms together at that pace, and now I can run 10k or more without a problem. I am no spring chicken, but I know I have a whole lot left in me and I will train hard until I reach my full potential I am so happy about how it’s coming together for me physically and emotionally.

    Ranu Harrison

  • Training with Vlad and Runlab team has proven to be extremely rewarding. The structured nature of all training sessions and programming has provided me with the edge I was lacking in my routine previously.

    It is very rare to find someone with so much knowledge and passion rolled into one. Vlad has been working with me for 2 years and with his guidance I continue to improve and achieve my running goals. Vlad expects focus and consistency from his athletes and gives the same back in return ensuring each and every Run Lab participant maximizes his/her potential.

    Vlad and all at Run Lab demonstrate an upbeat and encouraging approach whilst demonstrating sensitivity and great rapport with everyone.

    Sharonne Antonir

  • January 2012 came around and I said Vlad I would like to join your run club on Mondays and Wednesdays. I was a 5.30 min per k. Runner. Would start off with the middle group. I continued going to the Monday and Wednesdays in Vlad’s Run Lab running group. Slowly moving up to 5 min pace.

    I said to Vlad I was thinking of doing the Half Marathon in May 2012. And what do I need to do to prepare for it. So I got Vlad to write me a 3-month program with my goal to break 95 minutes. So I started to up my program from Vlad plus the 2 x times a week run club. Then came my second running race the Sydney morning herald half marathon in may (2012) Ran the race achieved my goal broke 95 minutes with a 91.27 minutes.

    Then in February this year 2013 I asked Vlad to write me a new program and he knew my history so he tailored my program the first Month to Then in April Vlad wrote a new program with a little more sharpening phase while I continued to do run club Monday and Wednesdays. Slowly building my strength and fitness.

    And I must mention that Vlad had ran in the 50 K ultra in the Blue Mountains the day before and won the race.
    As we where running in the half there was Vlad cheering us Run lab members on through out the race.
    It was truly inspirational for me to see Vlad there very early in the morning cheering us on the very next day after he had just ran a 50 k ultra with a elevation of about 2 and a half thousand feet climb.
    Mind you it’s a good couple of hours to drive from the Blue Mountains.
    It was truly inspirational for me. And in nearly two years I have known Vlad he has won over a dozen races. When I first met Vlad I didn’t appreciate how well a runner he is.

    In the run lab group run sessions this past month.
    Quite a few people have said what’s happening your holding great pace.
    Are you doing anything different?
    All I have said I simply follow Vlad’s program’s and be consistent in my training 5 days per week raining, cold or not and I am finally starting to see the great rewards in running.
    Thanks to Vlad I have gone from a 5 and a half per k to 4 min k runner.
    The good thing is for the time being I am getting faster as I get older. (
    So at 46 have come along way in these past two years.
    Also thanks to all the Run lab group members over the past one and a half years. It has been a great time. And it’s been a big part of my life this last year and a half. Have made some great friends.

    Scott Davis

  • I joined Runlab after failing to improve in 2 races in a row – Hunter Valley 10k and City2Surf in 2012. I thought to myself, maybe running isn’t for me, but will give it one last try by joining Runlab. I will never forget my first training session. It was absolutely brutal. I couldn’t keep up with the warm up jog and could only do half the session.

    It was intimidating, but I told myself – This must be the right group to join. Everyone is really fast. So they must be doing it right. I started to notice that people didn’t mind how slow I was. In fact, everybody and especially the coach, Vlad, were so supportive as long as I was giving it my best effort each time. That good spirit in everyone in Runlab kept me motivated to keep going. Then I started to see the results come in.

    I got a PB in every race I joined. I went into the races knowing for sure that I will beat my time last year. My half marathon time dropped from 2:06 down to 1:52. My 14k time went from 1:22 down to 1:14. I now set targets that are higher than what I’d set if I’m training on my own. The results are so encouraging, but it is the people in Runlab that make it more encouraging. They taught me to love running more than ever before.

    Tatyana Yap

Runlab was born out of a desire to enable runners of all abilities the chance to better understand their running, be challenged and over time improve and become a faster runner. For those who are relatively new to running or who are trying to improve their running, the task of understanding what to do and who to ask is overwhelming in itself, so Runlab was created and is fast becoming-The resource for runners.

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